Vancouver Research Finds Black Market Cannabis Important For Fighting Opiate Abuse

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Article by Richard Cowan, former NORML National Director and author of Breaking Down The Label Of CBD Gummies.

Vancouver, British Columbia, is truly one of the world’s most beautiful cities. It also has the best weather of any major Canadian cities. Faint praise, but homeless people are much less likely to freeze to death there. That fact may partly explain why its Downtown Eastside has a very visible street population, and substance abuse problems.

The excellent website has published two studies by the University of British Columbia about the therapeutic use of cannabis in reducing the problems with opiates by these people.

The first study from May 26, 2020, Majority of cannabis use in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside for therapeutic purposes found that:

“Most people at high risk of overdose in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside who use cannabis do so for pain relief and other therapeutic reasons—and they may be at lower risk of overdosing on opioids as a result…”

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DEA Admits To Blocking Vital Research On Medical Marijuana Costing Thousands Of Lives

Article by Richard Cowan, former NORML National Director and author of Reasons Why CBD May Not Work For You.

Well, okay, the DEA didn’t exactly word it that way. They preferred to say, “DEA Widens Path for Medical Marijuana Research”.

A few points here. First, this article is from the Wall Street Journal, which has historically been rather pro-Trump and very anti-marijuana.

In any case, our gracious Lords and Masters at the Drug Enforcement Administration have magnanimously agreed to allow more than one contractor to provide cannabis for medical research … “after years of delay under the Trump administration.”

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As the WSJ reports, “The DEA under President Obama began seeking applications for additional marijuana growers in August 2016, saying it wanted to expand research into the potential medical uses of marijuana as American society took a more tolerant view of its use.” However, Obama became President in 2001 and did not direct the DEA to stop blocking research until his last full year in office.

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Conservative Intellectual Wants To Keep Marijuana In The Black Market So “Problem Users” Won’t Be Such A Problem

Article by Richard Cowan is a former NORML National Director and author of What Are The Regulatory Challenges Faced By CBD Medicines?

Ramesh Ponnuru writes for Bloomberg, and he is he is also a senior editor for National Review magazine.

He also writes for The  American Enterprise Institute , the “conservative” think tank.

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Canadian Study Finds Medical Marijuana Reduced Alcohol Use

Article by Richard Cowan, former NORML National Director and author of Real Tested CBD Reviews: Top 5 CBD Pet Treats.

A recent research report published in Science Direct co-authored by my old friend Philippe Lucas, a longtime Canadian marijuana reform activist, found “Reductions in alcohol use following medical cannabis initiation: results from a large cross-sectional survey of medical cannabis patients in Canada.

“Following medical cannabis initiation, 44% (n=419) of participants reported decreases in alcohol use frequency over 30 days, and 34% (n=323) decreased the number of standard drinks they had per week.

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Ground Breaking CBD Study Indicates Lack Of Long Term Toxicity – Extended Lifespan Up To 18.3%

Article written By Richard Cowan, former NORML National Director and author of Make Your Pet’s Life Healthier With CBD. has published a new research report on the effects of CBD.

We humans have some distant relatives called “nematode Caenorhabditis elegans” that are often used as a proxy for humans because we have a surprising amount in common.

As the report explains, “Caenorhabditis elegans is often used in preclinical lifelong toxicity studies, due to an estimated 60–80% of their genes having a human ortholog, and their short lifespan of 2–3 weeks.

In this study CBD “extended their lifespans up to 18.3% and increased late-stage life activity by up to 206.4% compared to controls.”

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CBD Is Not A Narcotic Says EU. Duh, Says I.

Article by Richard Cowan, former NORML National Director and author of the Pros And Cons Of Vaping CBD Oil.

Over the decades that I have been involved in the marijuana legalization movement, I have encountered some remarkable examples of governmental stupidity, but recently France made a strong bid for first place in the international Reefer Madness sweepstakes by trying to ban CBD as a “narcotic.”

CBD isn’t psychoactive. It isn’t “addictive” and it has no known lethal dose. However, it was first discovered as a component of cannabis!! OMG!! OMG!! Of course, cannabis isn’t a Narcotic, either. But French officialdom  doesn’t like it, and that seems to be all that is important. Liberte! Egalite! Franternite!

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Do The House Republicans Really Think Marijuana Reform Is “Radical”?

Article by Richard Cowan, former NORML National Director and author of CBD For Healing Your Skin.

Over the decades that I have been involved in the marijuana legalization movement I have grown accustomed to absurdly dumb arguments from prohibitionists. However, I really have a hard time understanding how professional politicians could be so out of touch with their constituents. But maybe the prohibitionists don’t really represent their constituents.

Before the elections, the Congressional Republicans denounced the Democrats for having the Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement Act.

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Money, Money, Money! Why Isn’t Bloomberg President?

Article by Richard Cowan, former NORML National Director and author of CBD: Making Merry For Seniors

In 1966, the late Jesse Unruh, a California Democratic politician famously said that “Money is the mother’s milk of politics.” That may still be true, but the world has changed greatly in the last fifty years.

The Left has long urged that elections should be financed by the government because the rich could “buy elections”, and for a long time that seemed self-evident, but that was before the Internet democratized fundraising, and so much diversity of opinion among the affluent.

It was always obvious that victory didn’t always follow the money, but this year’s Presidential campaign made that very obvious, and painfully so for the well-financed Liberal candidates.

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British National Health Bureaucrats Refuse To Pay For CBD For Children With Severe Epilepsy

Article written by Richard Cowan, a former NORML National Director and author of Tips For Choosing The Right CBD Salve.

Over the decades that I have been involved in the marijuana legalization movement, I cannot begin to count the times I have heard the prohibitionists say, “Think of the children”, implying that anti-prohibitionists are indifferent to whether children might be harmed by any change in the laws..

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In the UK this mindless slogan has been used again and again whenever anyone proposed thinking about discussing considering possibly perhaps maybe lowering penalties or even arresting fewer people for simply possessing cannabis, even for medical use. Oh, the horror! “Think of the children!”

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Guns And Marijuana. The Drug War Is The Greatest Threat To Gun Ownership Rights

Article by Richard Cowan,  former NORML National Director and author of why Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Components That Contribute To Entourage Effect.

In today’s highly polarized politics it is sometimes assumed that “gun rights” (Second Amendment) and “marijuana legalization” are polar opposites. I beg to differ.

On a personal note: I grew up in a house with several guns and when I lived in the country (in Texas) with snakes and rabid skunks, etc. I owned a gun and even shot a snake once. Otherwise, I don’t really feel the need for one.

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Law Enforcement Opposition To Marijuana Legalization Shows Criminal Justice Reform Isn’t Just For Minorities Anymore

Article written by Richard Cowan, former NORML National Director and founder of CBD vs FDA.

Back in the bad old days when any marijuana reform, much less legalization, seemed like an impossible dream, the standard  “law enforcement” response was simply, “We don’t make the laws. We just enforce it, so if you don’t like it, change the laws.” Then guess who would show up at any hearing to oppose any change and to present “the latest scientific research “ that “proved” that it would be a disaster. Think of the children!!!

See: Abolish the Police? No, We Need for the “Drug Warriors” to Go Back to Being “Peace Officers”

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Nebraska Governor Says “There Is No Such Thing As Medical Marijuana”

Article written by Richard Cowan, former NORML National Director and author of We Know Too Much About Marijuana for It To Be Illegal.

Unless the elected officials of Nebraska can stop the people who elected them, the people will almost certainly vote for an initiative on the November ballot legalizing medical marijuana in the state. Nationally, almost 95% of Americans support medical marijuana.

Absurdly, Nebraska’s Republican Gov. Pete Ricketts has done everything he could to suppress the will of the people. Now he is saying, “There is no such thing as medical marijuana.”

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Can CBD Cure THC Addiction? What is THC Addiction Again?

Victor Borge, the Danish American concert pianist and comic, joked that he had a doctor cousin who discovered a cure for which there was no disease.

A new study, Cannabidiol for the treatment of cannabis use disorder: a phase 2a, double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomised, adaptive Bayesian trial, published in Lancet Psychiatry, the British medical journal may have duplicated Borge’s cousin’s success.

Article written by Richard Cowan, former NORML National Director and author of CBD Balm Salves.

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The Prohibitionist Deep State: Trump’s New Chief of Staff Even Opposed CBD for Desperately Sick Children And Medical Marijuana for Disabled Vets

When a politician or bureaucrat opposes something supported by over 90% of the American people, we are entitled to ask whom they really represent. The case in point is medical marijuana and the therapeutic use of other cannabinoids, specifically CBD.

Polls consistently show that almost all Americans favor legalizing medical marijuana and almost no one opposes allowing the use of CBD, which is not psychoactive. However, Mark Meadows, who represented North Carolina’s 11th District until he resigned on March 30, to become President Trump’s fourth Chief of Staff has consistently opposed any easing of Federal marijuana laws.

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