UK Data Show Marijuana Prohibition Is A Racist Counterproductive Fraud

Article by Richard Cowan

There is a growing international recognition that marijuana prohibition is a disastrous failure, but it is worse than that. It is a counterproductive fraud that is aggravating all of the problems that it is supposed to solve, and it creates incentives to underestimate the extent of the problems.

As the authors of the new analysis from Bristol and Public Health England, say, the “illegality of illicit drug use means gauging true usage is difficult and leads to underestimates.

Bristol Drugs Project works with people with substance abuse problems and recently did a survey that indicated that almost two-thirds of young adults (under the age of 25)  in Britain have taken an illegal drug at least once in their lifetimes. Cannabis being the largest component, and has been taken by 60.5 percent of people, up significantly from the lower estimate of 37.3 per cent, the study finds. 

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