The History Of CBD: A Brief Breakdown of Hemp & Cannabis in America

These days CBD is just about everywhere you look, from health foods stores to online retailers, gas stations and everything in between. If you’re like many Americans, you may never have heard of CBD five years ago. With decades of cannabis prohibition in our past, some are lead to assume the potentially therapeutic benefits of CBD are a modern discovery, but that’s far from the case. Let’s take a look at the history of CBD and cannabis through the ages and how we ended up with a booming and brand new CBD market in its 2021 infancy. 

 Early Cannabinoid Use and Research

Some of the earliest documented use of a cannabis-derived therapeutic use dates all the way back to 2737 BC. Chinese Emperor Sheng Nung is thought to have used a cannabis-infused tea to aid in a number of ailments [1]. Queen Victoria is believed to have used a CBD rich cannabis plant to alleviate menstrual pain during her reign from 1876-1901 [2]. In 1830, Irish researcher and physician William B. O’Shaughnessy published one of the first studies on cannabis plants therapeutic effects [3]. Throughout world history cannabis has been used as a naturally therapeutic resource, but with the rise of modern medicine, the start of prohibition and lack of scientific research, cannabis was never recognized as a legitimate medicinal source. 


CBD & Coffee: How To Perk Up Your Morning with Cannabidiol

For some people, especially seniors, their relationship with coffee can be a complicated one. Many turn to coffee as the start to their typical morning routine, but coffee can come with some caffeine related side effects that can be less than pleasant. But fear not coffee connoisseurs, breaking up with your go to beverage isn’t necessary, and we have CBD to thank for that! 

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is one of many naturally occurring compounds found in cannabis sativa and hemp plants. Often times confused with its psychoactive cousin THC, cannabidiol can provide personal benefits without the “high” associated with THC. As our knowledge surrounding CBD and its many potential therapeutic benefits grows, so does the number of ways you can consume it. Since the 2018 Farm Bill passed, allowing for hemp to be cultivated in the US legally, as long as the threshold of THC is under 0.3%, has increased the market and made CBD flourish. 

CBD oils and tinctures, gummies and edibles, lotions and creams – are all common methods of consumption and application. One unique way to take you dose of CBD that is gaining popularity is though CBD-infused coffee. A new twist on an old favorite, that could actually solve the rocky relationship of coffee and caffeine. 

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Mike Tyson’s Cannabis Use And the Punch Drunk News

Mike Tyson’s fight against Roy Jones Jr was a great promotional success for the boxers and perhaps even more for the marijuana legalization movement. Not so much for journalism.

As USAToday reported it, “Mike Tyson said he smoked marijuana right before the fight… Absolutely, yes,” he said during his post-fight press conference.

After the bout, Tyson indicated he smoked another joint, apparently before he met with the media…

“Listen, I can’t stop smoking,” he said. “I smoked during fights. I just have to smoke, I’m sorry. I’m a smoker. … I smoke everyday. I never stopped smoking.”

Then USAToday added, “Tyson said he stopped using cocaine about 2 1/2 years ago, but that turns out not to be the case for marijuana — even inside the ring.”

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Is CBD Essence Legit? – A Real Tested CBD Brand Spotlight

The popularity of CBD in health, wellness fields and beyond is ever on the rise. Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is one of many compounds naturally derived from cannabis and hemp plants. It has been found to contain vital antioxidants and strong anti-inflammatory properties that show beneficial for things from anxiety and stress relief to pain management and mitigation. CBD produced within the United States must come from a cannabis or hemp plants containing less then 0.3% THC (the psychoactive compound commonly associated with marijuana), allowing CBD to be legally sold and distributed.

There are countless products to choose from when it comes to CBD on the market these days, especially when looking to buy CBD online. When it comes to finding quality CBD products, fact checking with third-party lab test results is the best way to ensure a legitimate CBD purchase. Real Tested CBD is a leading name in the world of CBD product reviews and independent lab testing. We give you with everything you need to know before buying CBD online, from pesticide and solvent test results to potency and label claim fact-checking. Turn to Real Tested CBD and our expert score card rating system to get the best CBD product for individual needs, in just about any form you can think of. Today we bring you a few of CBD Essence CBD products, and we think you will like what you see from our expert review:

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FBI Investigates Corruption in Marijuana Retail Licensing In California

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that the FBI has raided homes and offices of officials of the Los Angeles suburbs suspected of corruption in the issuance of local retail licenses for recreational marijuana.

The Times reported, “Since California voters legalized recreational cannabis four years ago, allegations of conflicts of interest, bribery and bias in the permitting process have plagued cities and counties as they try to regulate the fledgling industry.”

I’m shocked! Shocked! 

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Sweden’s Pandemic Policies Are Controversial But Its Drug Policies Are A Disaster

There hasn’t been much about the pandemic that is even vaguely amusing, but the cheers for Sweden’s pandemic policies from the American right are at least bemusing. 

Sweden chose to avoid the “lockdown” that most of the rest of the world, including its Scandanavian neighbors, have followed. The Swedes urged caution, including voluntary face masks, social distancing, etc. but none were mandatory, and no businesses were closed. It was hoped that it could avoid the economic pain that hit others so hard. Consequently, its decision has been cheered by Americans who opposed the lockdown in the US.

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Half A Billion Reasons Texas Must Legalize Marijuana

When the Texas Legislature begins its regular biennial session next year, marijuana legalization, both medical and recreational, is certainly going to be a topic. The state’s budget is going to face a massive deficit, hammered by both the pandemic and the collapse of the price of oil.

Texas has far more arrests for marijuana possession (over 63,000 in 2016) than any other state. New Jersey has been a distant second with around 30,000 arrests, but it is about to legalize it. 

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Is CBD For The People Legit? – A Real Tested CBD Brand Spotlight

Real Tested CBD has a loyal fan base that visits our website to get regular updates on the most popular as well as emerging CBD brands and products. We aim to keep our readers informed about CBD, which is one of the most dynamic industries in the United States. 

Most US based CBD manufacturing brands prefer to use all-natural hemp-plant extracts that are homegrown within the United States. At Real Tested CBD, we have reviewed 80 plus CBD brands and their products to provide an insight into what these products are for and what they entail. 

Today, the brand in the spotlight is “CBD for the People.”

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Are Amsterdam Cannabis Coffee Shops Shutting Down?

Well, I have to go back and look at the archives and see how long I’ve been hearing that story. The coffee shop system, I guess first needs to be explained back in the mid 70s, there was a boom in marijuana use in the Netherlands or actually more precisely of hashish use, almost no marijuana and almost all Mongolian hashish from Morocco and Lebanon and Turkey, and in those days from Nepal and Afghanistan. All of these places supplied hashish in various forms to primarily to the European market. Eastern Canada was also a place where hashish was the more common form of cannabis. I believe in the French. In the Netherlands, they were, of course, started arresting young people for possession of marijuana. And the Netherlands was a small, very civilized country. It didn’t take them long to realize they didn’t like arresting their kids. Fortunately, that idea never got to the United States.

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Pre-Rolled CBD Joints and the History of “No Medicine is Smoked”

The history “No medicine is smoked” in the 1990s. The U.S. drug czar, General Barry McCaffrey, became the drug czar… People really talk about from medical marijuana. Which was becoming a real problem for the establishment. The drug czar, his office has a big budget. I think around a million bucks, which they put into an authorized study on medical marijuana. To make a very long story short year or so later, they came out with a report, you know, basically the drugs czar’s report on medical marijuana. Yeah, when you’re Barry McCaffrey the drug czar.

It was the attempt by honest scientists to work for profoundly dishonest propaganda or for the drug czar. But they came out and basically said that cannabis is no more dangerous than the other drug in regards of the risk of cannabis, because I mean, virtually every aspirin cause stomach bleeding, etc.. So you have got all kinds of things. It’s accepted. They understand that drugs have risks.

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Mixing Alcohol & Cannabis (CBD/THC)

I have been asked to talk about mixing alcohol and cannabis, specifically CBD and on the advice of counsel. You know, I started really didn’t drink until I was 18 and then I started smoking weed when I was 27. So there was this horrible interval in my life, but I survived. And then I may get to 70 something and then find out I’m missing out on a major cannabinoid. As with everything else, I try to make up for lost time. Obviously, one drinks alcohol for the wonderful taste of the wine and minor side effects for the most part.

I really do appreciate the difference in the taste of cannabis in the sense that different tastes, or flavors. In Britain there’s the notorious skunk strain, which smells like a skunk. And having grown up in Texas, I’ll always settle for the real thing. You know, there’s weed that really smells sweet. And then, of course, if you’re particularly when you’re vaping, it’s a more subtle thing. So you really can get a more of a sense of taste. Of course, there is nothing more subjective than that, because some people like red wine, some people like white wine. I just like wine. Over the years, my taste in wine or in alcohol and cannabis have evolved, and I’ve evolved. First off, one of the things I discovered a very long time ago was that you have a really terrible hangover from having stayed up until really very late and having most of my favorite recreational drug (wine) know when you wake up the next morning and you’re thinking suicide is okay.

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Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador Announced Focus on Allowing Only Medical Cannabis

The other day, there was a little bit of a rumble in the media about some of the Democratic candidates who were asked if they knew the name of the president of Mexico. A couple did. A couple didn’t. 

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador was elected president, and had previously been very far to the left. He came in pledging to fight corruption and the dismissed are now weakened in every way. 

All of the ways that the instruments by which the federal government might fight corruption are greatly weakened. Law enforcement in Mexico, which is already weak enough, and now the Mexican Supreme Court has basically ruled that marijuana prohibition in Mexico is unconstitutional. So it really seemed obvious the Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador might then necessarily move to legalize marijuana. But he has now announced that all he is wants to do is medical and that the emphasis now has to be on fighting drugs and corruption. In other words, he’s going to keep the principal sources of income for the organized crime. Organizations that are now so powerful that, by the way when you have guacamole, you are actually depending on where you are, subsidizing organized crime in Mexico. 

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What is Hot Hemp?

One of the legacies of the drug war is the major problem caused for the CBD industry and for the patients who want to get CBD. During the height of the drug war, there was pressure to allow the cultivation of hemp as a product and amazingly, we can’t allow the cultivation of hemp because American law enforcement can’t tell the difference between a stalk and a bush

In very prohibitionist France, hemp was cultivated. In communist China, hemp was cultivated. But we can’t allow this in America, because we couldn’t even talk about hemp cultivation at Monticello – Thomas Jefferson’s estate where he wrote about it, he grew hemp. But we can’t talk about it because that would send the wrong message to children…How do we deal with this? How do we keep marijuana suppressed while allowing the cultivation of an agricultural staple that was grown all over the world for thousands of years? 

Why Is No One Talking About The Drug War (Marijuana) In The 2020 Presidential Election?

We are, of course, right now in the middle of a presidential campaign that is raging right now. There is one topic that really doesn’t usually make the agenda in the presidential campaign, and that is the drug war and medical marijuana as well. A number of the democratic candidates, most of them now have just under political pressure, have come out in favor of some form of marijuana legalization. In the meantime, the Trump administration seems to have backpedaled. Donald Trump was always a social libertarian before he really got involved in politics. He was very critical of drug war. Now, after he became president, for whatever reason, the Trump Administration seems to be pulling back not only on recreational marijuana, but on medical marijuana.

This, of course, is always a secondary issue even for the Democrats, we want Medicaid for all, we want lower drug prices. Everybody wants something. Have a little freedom. Fact of the matter is, whatever the government decides to do is going to be extremely difficult terms of reforming really insanely expensive American medical system. Americans pay more (twice as much) per capita or health care as the second place in the world. Our end outcomes are nowhere near the other countries. We’re paying a whole lot of money and we’re not getting our money’s worth. And hence we have all these debates about.