5 Important Things To Consider Before Buying CBD

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CBD is just about everywhere you look these days. As the buzz around cannabidiol continues to grow, so does the product market. From oils to edibles, to bath bombs and topicals, there are countless ways to experience the potentially therapeutic benefits of CBD.

With the amount of options available, it can become tricky to navigate a market, especially if CBD is new to you. So what are the best ways to make sure you are getting the best product and bang for your buck? Here are five important things to consider when making your CBD purchase.

The Source of Hemp

CBD is sourced from hemp and cannabis plants. These plants, just like anything that is grown from seed, can be influenced by the factors around them. Plants can absorb anything they are exposed to, whether its pesticides, fertilizer or anything in the air This is why it is important to always look for a high-quality hemp source. Similarly, both the US and Canada have regulations in place for quality control and standards on the type of seeds available and legal limits of THC. In accordance with the 2018 Farm Bill, all industrial hemp grown in the US must maintain a THC threshold of less than 0.3%.

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