Marijuana Social Clubs Are The Last Major Step For Legalization

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Article by Richard Cowan

There are three major steps in the legalization of marijuana.

  1. Stop arresting people for possession of marijuana, even if they are not white.
  2. Take marijuana sales out of the black market with hard drugs.
  3. The establishment of venues where marijuana can be consumed in the presence of other actual human beings to see if the Universe will implode.

On 4/20 the Mayor of Denver signed an ordinance that would legalize places where customers could bring their own weed to smoke, as well as clubs that could sell small amounts of weed to be smoked there. But no one seems certain about when it will go into effect.  Well… As the saying goes, if the people will lead, the leaders will follow. There are already a number of “smoke-easies” where patrons can BYO their weed in Denver.

Similarly, Nevada’s legislature seems likely to authorize “consumption lounges”. New York’s new marijuana law leaves that issue to the local authorities, so New York City can and will almost certainly allow it. In any case, it seems  likely that both cities will have venues where patrons can legally consume their legal cannabis.

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Of course, the Dutch did all that in the 1970s, but apparently they live on another planet, because no one in any other country on Earth has even considered copying their model where people can buy small quantities of cannabis and smoke it there or take it home.

But wait until they hear about Barcelona!

Barcelona has taken maximum advantage of a loophole in Spanish law. There are a large number of “Cannabis Social Clubs” that really are “Clubs”, but they are very friendly for strangers. Some of them are really lavish. It remains to be seen how many will survive the pandemic, which has devastated Spanish tourism.

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