Two Really Improbable Marijuana Stories From The UK

Article by Richard Cowan

When the history of the Drug War in the UK is finally written, I would suggest that it begin with “Yes, this really happened.”

See  UK Data Show Marijuana Prohibition Is A Racist Counterproductive Fraud And WHY DO THE BRITISH INSIST ON CONFUSING CANNABIS WITH TOBACCO?

Today’s news offers up two reasons why.

The excellent anti-prohibitionist, Transform Drug Policy Foundation reports that the new head of the UK Labor Party, Sir Keir Starmer “gave an interview which briefly covered drug policy. To many reformers his comments were dispiriting: asked for his views on decriminalisation of cannabis possession, he apparently rejected the idea – arguing instead that current drug policy was ‘roughly right’. Such a view was surprising not only given the momentum for reform globally, but also the growing support for change within his own party.”

See full here:

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