Blue Ribbon Hemp Releases 5000mg CBD Tincture for Seniors

Created by Richard Cowan and Dr. Igor Bussel, this high-quality CBD oil opens the door for older generations to try CBD safely and without the worry of any THC.

LAS VEGAS, Dec. 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — With the growing popularity of CBD, there was one demographic often left out of the targeted product spectrum. Blue Ribbon Hemp is changing that, with high-quality CBD products crafted specifically with seniors in mind. Blue Ribbon Hemp has released a 5000mg Max-Strength Broad Spectrum CBD Tincture to provide maximum relief for the most critical care situations. This whole hemp MCT-oil based tincture supplies a powerful macro-dose of beneficial CBD, while providing a completely THC-free and safe option for seniors to utilize for a variety of potentially therapeutic benefits from improved sleep to inflammation recovery.

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