I love Spain, but I feel sorry for anyone who tries to govern it. In addition to the usual Left/Right political divisions, several of Spain’s “autonomous” regions, most notably Catalonia (Barcelona), have strong independence movements that resent the Madrid government.

However, Spain has been hit very hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, and it is more dependent on tourism than any other major European country. Consequently, it is going to need a major bailout from the European Central Bank, but that will not solve its terrible unemployment problem, especially for its younger citizens.

While Spain needs to diversify its economy, that will take time, and the problems in its devastated tourism sector have to be addressed now, because it is a major source of employment, especially for the young, and the pandemic is still keeping it closed.

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Is Blue Ribbon Hemp’s CBD Legit? – A Real Tested CBD Brand Spotlight

CBD has taken the health and wellness worlds by storm, and rightly so. Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is a compound naturally derived in cannabis and hemp plants. It has been found to contain antioxidants and boasts strong anti-inflammatory properties that shown beneficial for things from anxiety and stress relief to pain management and mitigation. 

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Don’t Mention The Drug War. We Must Decriminalize Being Black Because Black Freedom Matters

Chaos Theory” is the idea that very small events can have major consequences. It is often illustrated by what is called the “Butterfly Effect,” where the fluttering of tiny wings could set off a series of events leading to a major storm halfway around  the world. Of course, even though there are millions of butterflies, they don’t have cameras, so there is no way to monitor these events, but there are plenty of real world examples.

For instance, try to imagine that the cruel and incredibly stupid action of a policeman in a very liberal city would kill a suspect by keeping his knee on on the suspect’s throat until well after he was dead. And all of it was caught on a camera and immediately broadcast around the world. What could possibly go right?

But what if there had not been a camera? The victim’s family would still grieve. There might even have been some disciplinary action taken against the police. But if there is an injustice and it isn’t photographed, does it have any real world consequences?

In fact, even this death caught on camera would not have provoked a global reaction if there had not been literally countless examples of injustices burning in the collective consciousness of the African American community. This was not an “isolated event”, but rather all too familiar to all too many people w

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We Know Too Much About Marijuana for It To Be Illegal

I won’t try to be subtle about this. When I say that we know too much about marijuana for it to be illegal, I am trying to make two points.

First and foremost, I am astonished that people in democratic countries that proclaim their commitment to individual rights at every possible occasion, have — for decades — accepted the legal argument that citizens should be arrested for using a plant because it might not be “harmless.” 

Prohibitionist propaganda is often introduced with the statement that “marijuana isn’t harmless… like we all thought back in the Sixties.¨ Of course, if we all thought it was harmless then, why was it illegal?

Well, very simply, nothing is harmless for everyone, under all circumstances and at all doses, and, for many reasons, harmlessness is not a criterion for legalizing anything. Obviously, many things that everyone recognizes as potentially deadly… alcohol, tobacco, motorcycles, rock climbing, etc., are legal. Some people even say that guns are not harmless.  

Ironically, cannabis is one of the few substances which does not have a possible lethal dose. Too much aspirin can cause fatal internal bleeding and even too much water can be deadly by upsetting the body’s electrolyte balance.

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Nebraska Governor Says “There Is No Such Thing As Medical Marijuana”

Article written by Richard Cowan, former NORML National Director and author of We Know Too Much About Marijuana for It To Be Illegal.

Unless the elected officials of Nebraska can stop the people who elected them, the people will almost certainly vote for an initiative on the November ballot legalizing medical marijuana in the state. Nationally, almost 95% of Americans support medical marijuana.

Absurdly, Nebraska’s Republican Gov. Pete Ricketts has done everything he could to suppress the will of the people. Now he is saying, “There is no such thing as medical marijuana.”

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By Richard Cowan, former NORML National Director and owner  of Buy CBD Gummies

Since I have been writing about marijuana in the movies, I thought about how Martinis became a symbol for sophistication in movies, and, and unlike marijuana, not always played for laughs. 

In the 1933  less than a year before alcohol prohibition was repealed, International House, a comedy set in the fictional Chinese city, Wuhu, not to be confused with Wuhan, had an amazing cast, including W. C. Fields, Bela Lugosi, George Burns and Gracie Allen

Fields, one of the greatest comic actors of all time, really was an alcoholic, and it became a part of his character on the screen. In International House, he spoofed opium smoking (with a cigar in an opium pipe), and Cab Calloway led his orchestra with Reefer Man.

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Last month, the New York Post published an essay, “New York City is dead forever” by James Altucher.

Altucher is a New Yorker who loves his city, so this was not the slightest bit of schadenfreude. Of course, many New Yorkers were outraged, but his points were based on real numbers that paint a very grim picture, especially for Manhattan, the heart of the metropolis.

Although the pandemic is the immediate cause of the city’s problems, the fundamental threat is simply “bandwidth.”

Is CBD For The People Legit? – A Real Tested CBD Brand Spotlight

Real Tested CBD has a loyal fan base that visits our website to get regular updates on the most popular as well as emerging CBD brands and products. We aim to keep our readers informed about CBD, which is one of the most dynamic industries in the United States. 

Most US based CBD manufacturing brands prefer to use all-natural hemp-plant extracts that are homegrown within the United States. At Real Tested CBD, we have reviewed 80 plus CBD brands and their products to provide an insight into what these products are for and what they entail. 

Today, the brand in the spotlight is “CBD for the People.”

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Is Kat’s Naturals CBD Legit? – A Real Tested CBD Brand Spotlight

We at Real Tested CBD have been keeping our ears to the ground for decades to get the best updates from the CBD sector. The goal is to bring you the news on the on-going innovations and review the most exciting new and existing CBD-based products. 

We have reviewed over 80 best known CBD brands and their products in full details. We put these products through rigorous lab tests to bring you a report on what the labels claim and what the product actually is. 

Today, we will shed our brand spotlight on “Kat’s Naturals.” The brand claims to produce CBD products to help nourish the body and mind of CBD users. Kat Merrifield is the founder of the company who is an educated nutritionist and herbalist with decades of experience under her belt.

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The Curious Case Of GW Pharmaceuticals

In 2005, GW hired a vociferous medical marijuana opponent to help them distinguish their version of THC from medical cannabis. Here’s why that’s a problem.

Let me make clear that I do not have any problems with the “pharmaceuticalization” of cannabis. If the pharmaceutical companies can manipulate the molecules and/or combine cannabinoids with other substances and thereby help sick and dying people, or just make healthy people feel better and make a profit doing it, everyone wins.  

However, when a company uses marijuana prohibition and the Drug War to lobby for state violence against sick and dying people to try to monopolize medical access to a plant that has been used medically for millennia, I have to object.  

After GW Pharmaceuticals developed “Sativex”, its version of THC, it met with “skepticism” in the U.S. drug war establishment, basically the entire U.S. government, because if it was approved for use in the U.S., that would suggest that “marijuana” might actually have medical use. Heresy!! 

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Guerrilla Marketing Makes Prohibition Counterproductive

Project Sam (Smart Approaches to Marijuana) may be the most successful side hustle in marijuana prohibition. They have evolved from opposing medical marijuana to supporting the medical use of cannabinoids as developed by the pharmaceutical industry and approved by the FDA. They have also evolved so that they are opposed to jailing marijuana users, so long as they comply with mandatory treatment.

Right now SAM has a new campaign aimed at the African American community called “Decriminalize Don’t Legalize,” which is done “In Partnership with the NAACP of Illinois.”

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Is The War On Cannabis A Cult? What Can We Learn About American Politics

The only thing that could make marijuana prohibition a greater tragedy would be if we failed to learn from it, because, as George Santayana, the Spanish-American philosopher, said: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Or something like that.

Consequently, below is a slightly updated article I published on (now offline being edited) in 2003.

I hope readers will see a relevance to the broader political context today.

In April of 2003, the entire Drug War establishment seemed to be in a major panic over the prospect of Maryland lowering the penalty for possession of one ounce of cannabis to a $100 fine for people who can prove medical necessity.

Frankly, the bill was such a farce that it would have done little to help most patients, but one would think that it was making cannabis mandatory for toddlers. Why such a reaction to such an inconsequential bill?

Also See: Two Word Explanation for Marijuana Prohibition: Bad Journalism – CBD Seniors

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Article written by Richard Cowan is a former NORML National Director and author of the Marijuana Weekly News syndicated column

“Collateral Damage” is a military term for the unintended consequences of an action, and, as I like to say, “the law of unintended consequences is the only law that always  works.”

President Trump’s astonishing war on the US Postal Service is an excellent example in that it hurts major parts of what is considered his “base”, Seniors, rural communities, small businesses and veterans, and they are especially vulnerable during the pandemic.

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Recently, the excellent website,, carried two articles by Kyle Jaeger, their Los Angeles-based associate editor, Trump Voices Concern That Putting Marijuana On The Ballot Makes Republicans Lose and Biden’s Marijuana Decriminalization Plan Is ‘Meaningless,’ Democratic Congressman Says that really make me wonder if Trump is willing to lose the election to maintain marijuana prohibition. (Or is Biden?)

Jaeger reported that on a campaign visit to Wisconsin, Trump “urged Republicans not to place marijuana legalization initiatives on state ballots out of concern that it will increase Democratic turnout in elections … and that he blames marijuana legalization efforts on former Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s (R) defeat in the 2018 election.”

“The next time you run please don’t put marijuana on the ballot at the same time you’re running,” Trump said, directing his advice to Walker, who was in the crowd. “You brought out like a million people that nobody ever knew were coming out.”

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If Studies Show Cannabis Is Effective In Treating Depression, & Improving Mental Health Then We Really, Really Need It

The Covid pandemic is getting worse by the day, threatening our already overburdened healthcare system. The economic consequences are being compounded by renewed retail shutdowns, uncertainty about schools opening, racial tensions, and the crazier than normal political campaigns, and, frankly, President Trump acts weirder by the day.

“Shelter in place” orders have many people asking, “What shelter? What place?” And there is a record-breaking heatwave.

At the individual level, people are wrecking their lives by having public meltdowns caught on camera.

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Does The Alzheimer’s Association Hope We Will Just Forget About CBD?

A few months ago, I wrote a column, Seniors Have Even More Reason to Deman End to Cannabis Prohibition, lamenting the fact that the Alzheimer’s Association seems to be ignoring the possible benefits of cannabis for Alzheimer’s patients.

At the most basic level, Alzheimer’s symptoms are very stressful for patients and that creates even more stress for their families and caregivers, which magnifies the stress for the patient. Ironically, the prohibitionist stereotype for marijuana users is “mellow, dude”. And yet… Nada.

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Is Tribe CBD Legit? – A Real Tested CBD Brand Spotlight on Tribe CBD

The CBD industry is one of the most dynamic sectors coming up with innovations for health and wellness these days. At Real Tested CBD, our motto is to bring our readers the most exciting and groundbreaking, yet reliable and legitimate CBD products available in the market. Is Tribe CBD legit? Find out by checking out the Tribe CBD product reviews below!

The demand for CBD-based brands and products is ever-growing amongst consumers. The reason is the newfound awareness of the potential health benefits associated with CBD. Our team picks up the best and most trusted brands in the CBD arena and put them under a microscope for meticulous testing.

CBD on Amazon: Not Such a Great Deal

If you’re looking into an online purchase, nine out of ten times you go to Amazon, right? For many of us, Amazon has almost become part of daily life. It’s undeniably convenient; you can get anything from the latest in technology, to toilet paper delivered, to a pre-manufactured house in a shipping container. Just about whatever you want to buy, Amazon has you covered. But have you ever tried searching for CBD on Amazon? The results might not be what you expected. 

There are hundreds of items that come up when you search for CBD on Amazon, but the labels and descriptions can be fairly confusing. You might see a lot of “hemp oil” or “hemp oil extract” instead of flat out “CBD oil.” So where do we go from here? Do these products really contain CBD and offer any relief to people looking to manage pain or anxiety? Can you be sure of the CBD product you are purchasing on Amazon? 

Trump’s War on Postal Service Harms His Base, Seniors, Rural Communities, Veterans and Small Businesses

“Collateral Damage” is a military term for the unintended consequences of an action, and, as I like to say, “the law of unintended consequences is the only law that always works.”

President Trump’s astonishing war on the U.S. Postal Service is an excellent example in that it hurts major parts of what is considered his “base”, Seniors, rural communities, small businesses, and veterans, and they are especially vulnerable during the pandemic.

Seniors are the most vulnerable because so many of us depend on the USPS to deliver prescription medications. According to the National Council on Aging, “Approximately 72 percent of low- and moderate-income seniors report having a chronic condition…” which means that they are exceptionally vulnerable to the loss of dependable postal service.

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Should We Legalize Something That Causes 300K ER Visits Every Year?

While marijuana may be a factor in some accident deaths, there is no evidence that it is a significant factor when compared with other substances, such as alcohol … or dog bites.

We often overlook things we don’t want to see, so when we debate public policies, we can be misled by not knowing the context. Consequently, when we hear about the harms associated with something we may want to outlaw it.

For example, there is something that caused 6,323 hospital admissions in 2017 with a mean age of 6.63 years. Almost one third underwent a surgical procedure. Open wounds of the head, neck and trunk were the most common injury and decreased in prevalence with increasing age. Open wounds of the extremities were the second most common and the prevalence increased with increasing age. Children aged 1–4 and 5–10 years were both more than three times more likely to be admitted than those more than age 11. Think of the children!

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We Must End Cannabis Prohibition For Economic Recovery In A Post Pandemic World

In the midst of the pandemic, there is much uncertainty about almost everything, but one thing does seem certain: America is going to be much poorer. Or, to put in a global perspective, America and a few other countries will be much less rich and the rest of the world will be much, much poorer, and no wall or welfare program will protect us.

In Los Angeles, the global center of the entertainment industry, the unemployment rate is already around 50%, and many jobs and businesses are gone forever. The sheer scale of the problems will almost certainly lead to social unrest which will be visible to the world. But so will the solutions, because the world really does look to “Hollywood” for imagination. 

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Can CBD Cure THC Addiction? What is THC Addiction Again?

Article written by Richard Cowan, former NORML National Director and author of CBD Balm Salves.

Victor Borge, the Danish American concert pianist and comic, joked that he had a doctor cousin who discovered a cure for which there was no disease.

A new study, Cannabidiol for the treatment of cannabis use disorder: a phase 2a, double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomised, adaptive Bayesian trial, published in Lancet Psychiatry, the British medical journal may have duplicated Borge’s cousin’s success.

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Marijuana in the Movies: Nine to Five- The Fondas Are Probably the Only Siblings to Smoke Weed in Two Hit Movies

Reagan Was Annoyed. 

In Nine to Five, the 1980 comedy, the wonderful Dolly Partin and the brilliant Lily Tomlin joined Jane Fonda in a comedy that was also a feminist satire on the life of secretaries who work for a sexist boss, played by Dabney Coleman, a great comic villain.

In my favorite scene, surprise, surprise, Tomlin’s character suggests the three smoke a joint. Fonda thus joined her brother, Peter, who smoked weed in Easy Rider, the 1969 film with Jack Nicholson and Dennis Hopper. A family affair.

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Marijuana and the Movies: A Tale of Two Woodstocks

Article written by Richard Cowan, former NORML National Director and founder of We Vape CBD Oil.

Woodstock”, the documentary based on the 1969 music festival, won an Academy Award for the Best Documentary Feature in 1970. It also grossed over $50 million dollars on a budget of only $600,000, and it bailed out the promoters and Warner Bros. 

It also preserved an important historical and cultural event. The music was amazing and the movie was great fun. It almost didn’t happen, but became the ultimate “happening.’ 

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We Must End Marijuana Prohibition For Economic Recovery In A Post Pandemic World

Very simply, marijuana legalization is not some wild experiment that has never been done before. And now, of course, we are beginning to see the same experience in some places in the United States.

In the midst of the pandemic, there is much uncertainty about almost everything, but one thing does seem certain: America is going to be much poorer. Or, to put in a global perspective, America and a few other countries will be much less rich and the rest of the world will be much, much poorer, and no wall or welfare program will protect us.

In Los Angeles, the global center of the entertainment industry, the unemployment rate is already around 50%, and many jobs and businesses are gone forever. The sheer scale of the problems will almost certainly lead to social unrest which will be visible to the world. But so will the solutions, because the world really does look to “Hollywood” for imagination. 

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The great thing about voting machines is that you can vote with one hand and hold your nose with the other one. Believe me, I have had a lot of practice with that, and I will do it again this year.

After Biden cinched the Democratic nomination, his campaign focused on getting the support of Bernie Sanders’ young supporters. Biden was greatly relieved that Sanders was willing to help, so they launched what they called a “Unity Task Force,” and one of the major topics was Federal marijuana prohibition.

Politico reported the result as: “The left gets rolled on legalizing pot.”

Frankly, I absolutely reject that formulation. Marijuana legalization has been supported by the Libertarian right far longer than by the Left. The late Milton Friedman and William F. Buckley Jr. and many other conservatives have long opposed prohibition. Obama, Holder, Biden, Shalala, Clinton, Feinstein and Schumer all supported arresting millions of Americans. Until they opposed it…

However, in a meeting with Biden, Sanders is definitely on the Left. Given Biden’s long support for the Drug War, even coining the term “Drug Czar,” the real world results were not too terrible.

The key points:

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Republicans Mock Pelosi’s Statement That Medical Cannabis Is Relevant to the Pandemic Economic Stimulus

As the House of Representatives battles the Senate over another round of economic support for the pandemic-ravaged economy, Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi (D. CA) urged that the legislation include a provision that would allow cannabis-related businesses to have bank accounts. Mitch McConnell, the Senate Majority Leader doesn’t like it.

As the reports, “The majority leader, who has consistently railed against the inclusion of cannabis banking protections in the House COVID-19 bill, said on the Senate floor that Pelosi is “still agitating for strange, new special interest carve-outs for the marijuana industry and even claiming they are COVID-related.”

“She said that, with respect to this virus, marijuana is “a therapy that has proven successful.” You can’t make this up,” he said.

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Can CBD Cure THC Addiction? What is THC Addiction Again?

Victor Borge, the Danish American concert pianist and comic, joked that he had a doctor cousin who discovered a cure for which there was no disease.

A new study, Cannabidiol for the treatment of cannabis use disorder: a phase 2a, double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomised, adaptive Bayesian trial, published in Lancet Psychiatry, the British medical journal may have duplicated Borge’s cousin’s success.

Article written by Richard Cowan, former NORML National Director and author of CBD Balm Salves.

Read full article here:

The Drug War vs the US Military: CBD Might Help With Brain Damage but They Can’t Shampoo With It?

We couldn’t make this up. Unfortunately, we don’t have to. Using CBD products is now a crime in the military, as per Pentagon tightens restrictions.

Yep. Thanks for your service, but you are now a prisoner of the Drug War.

According to the pro-veteran website,

A memo from Acting Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness Matthew Donovan dated Feb. 26 reads:

“Substance misuse by service members is a safety and readiness issue, and the Department must remain vigilant in addressing emerging threats, including those that come from new products and sources.”

See more here:

Did Marijuana Prohibition Cause The Covid-19 Pandemic?

Have I “jumped the shark” polemically? It is true that 95% of the American people are in favor of medical marijuana, and we know that cannabis can help with a variety of medical problems.

  1. The extreme nausea caused by cancer chemotherapy
  2. Epilepsy in children
  3. Crohn’s Disease and other autoimmune problems
  4. Wasting syndrome for people with AIDS, and many more

See: COVID-19, AIDS and the Suppression of Medical Cannabis

Read full story below:

How Legalizing Cannabis Can Bring Back the Right Kind of Tourism

he early film star, Mae West, said, “Too much of a good thing can be wonderful.” Obviously, she wasn’t talking about tourism. Before the pandemic, many of Europe’s major cities were choking on crowds. Venice probably had the worst of it, with gigantic cruise ships sailing up the Grand Canal disgorging thousands of tourists all at once into the narrow already overcrowded sidewalks. And Barcelona’s La Rambla had become crushed that they had to ban tour groups from the Mercado.

Decades ago, when I first went to Amsterdam, it was still somewhere between seedy and raunchy, two of my favorite things, but there were no lines in the coffeeshops or the museums. Last year, the sidewalks were jammed and locals were complaining about noisy crowds late in the evening, especially around the so-called “Red Light District”, which is actually the oldest part of the City. Of course, alcohol (AKA drunk Brits) was a major part of the problem.

Read more here:

Prosecutorial Misconduct: The Invisible Problem Behind The Police

We must completely reform the criminal justice system from top to bottom, starting with the current U.S. Attorney General, Bill Barr.

While I understand the pain behind the calls to “Abolish the Police” etc., I think that they are simplistic and even counterproductive. Police misconduct is really just the visible part of the problem. We have overloaded the police with problems that would be better handled by trained social workers. We have given them impossible tasks, notably the Drug War, and especially marijuana prohibition, and we have hired people who clearly should not be trusted with the power of life and death.

Read more here:

CBD vs THC: The Ultimate Introductory Guide

CBD vs THC: The Ultimate Introductory Guide

When you walk into a shop that sells CBD, or cannabidiol, products, your first instinct might be to avert your eyes. Isn’t that made from marijuana? Is it even legal? It is, and many people are using it to improve their health and relieve symptoms of ailments.

What you really might be wondering is if cannabidiol will make you high. It won’t. Although it does come from the same plant family as pot, cannabidiol has no psychoactive properties and isn’t intoxicating. Plus, a great deal of research indicates that cannabidiol is promising for treating physical and psychological conditions, such as chronic pain, anxiety and inflammation. It may even protect the brain from age-related cognitive decline and memory loss.

Read more here:

Black Lives Matter Is Absolutely Necessary But Absolutely Not Sufficient

Race being inherent in the topic, I should begin by explaining that I am an 80-year-old white guy, which means that I am not in BLM’s target demographic. On the other hand, I am not the target demographic for trigger-happy police either.

Nonetheless, I can readily understand why black Americans would rightly expect “equal justice.” Do we whites think that Black Americans are deaf and don’t hear the words “Liberty and Justice for All” and all that good stuff? They bleed on our battlefields in our endless wars, so why should they bleed on our streets?

Enter Black Lives Matter.

It was actually founded seven years ago, but it did not seem to get much attention by whites until this year, after two particularly outrageous killings: George Floyd by suffocation in Minneapolis, and Breonna Taylor, shot in a “no-knock” drug raid as she slept, in Louisville, Kentucky.

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Prohibition 2.0 Making a Mess of Marijuana Legalization. Just Get Out of the Way

The major purpose of legalizing the production and sale of recreational cannabis (beyond decriminalizing possession) must be removing it from the contraband markets.

Keeping marijuana as contraband is a subsidy for criminal organizations, and consequently a source of corruption in law enforcement in the U.S. and violence in Latin America.

Also, having marijuana in the same distribution channels as that of hard drugs creates the real “Gateway.” Of course, contraband markets have no quality control, so the products may be contaminated with dangerous substances.

And finally, contraband markets don’t pay taxes or otherwise benefit legal businesses the way alcohol subsidizes the restaurant business (which certainly needs all the help it can get.)

Read more here:

Why Did We Create Blue Ribbon Hemp?

02Tuesday Image BRH Blue Ribbon Hemp

By Richard Cowan

Why did we create Blue Ribbon Hemp for seniors as a new product? Reason one, is that the senior market is not being adequately addressed. This is something, of course, that I have a personal interest in and always will, being that I am turning 80 years old this year, 2020. 

Secondly, the whole business of what is the appropriate concern for seniors, generally speaking out is always the number one concern. As so many people on limited budgets, fixed income, want the best possible price. 

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Marijuana and the Movies: Getting Busted for Weed Even in the 1940s Just Made Robert Mitchum A Bigger Star

Robert Mitchum was on his way to being one of Hollywood’s biggest stars in 1948, when he was very rudely interrupted by getting busted for marijuana. Tinseltown’s postwar hypocrisy was at its peak, and so was the corruption of the Los Angeles police. Two detectives hid in the bushes for hours watching through the window of an actress’s home…

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Drug Overdoses Kill More People In West Virginia Than COVID-19

Although no one will catch a “drug overdose” by sitting next to someone on a bus or at a bar, the widespread prevalence of drug abuse in a society does resemble an infectious disease epidemic in other ways. 

The origins of the opioid epidemic is more complex, but a difference in policies produces a difference in results. First and foremost, the problem can be prevented by good public health policies and can be made much worse by bad social policies. Take for example the Netherlands, where the COVID-19 case rate soared in March, but had declined sharply by the end of June

As long as we don’t call it “Legalization,” Biden is in favor of it

The great thing about voting machines is that you can vote with one hand and hold your nose with the other one. Believe me, I have had a lot of practice with that, and I will do it again this year.

After Biden cinched the Democratic nomination, his campaign focused on getting the support for Bernie Sanders young supporters. Biden was greatly relieved that Sanders was willing to help, so they launched what they called a “Unity Task Force, and one of the major topics was Federal marijuana prohibition.

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CBD Mouthwash Study Has Implications Far Beyond “Word of Mouth” Especially For Seniors

For most young people, a mouthwash is just for freshening their breath, but for Seniors, gum (periodontal) disease is an increasing problem as we age. reports, “In a recent study out of Belgium, researchers reported that cannabinoid-infused mouthwash was just as effective at killing certain plaque-related oral bacteria as chlorhexidine, an active ingredient in many prescription mouthwashes.”

The study actually involved two different cannabinoids, one with CBD and another with CBG (cannabigerol), but neither contained the psychoactive THC.

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CBD Safety Purchase Guide for Seniors

CBD is a common buzz-word in the health field these days for all wakes of life. Nearly one in five Americans over the age of 50 uses some kind of CBD product according to a Gallup poll from 2019. Although the FDA is slow to establish guidelines concerning CBD, it’s popularity continues to grow. But what factors should you consider as a senior citizen who is interested in trying out CBD?

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Are Amsterdam Cannabis Coffee Shops Shutting Down?

Well, I have to go back and look at the archives and see how long I’ve been hearing that story. The coffee shop system, I guess first needs to be explained back in the mid 70s, there was a boom in marijuana use in the Netherlands or actually more precisely of hashish use, almost no marijuana and almost all Mongolian hashish from Morocco and Lebanon and Turkey, and in those days from Nepal and Afghanistan. All of these places supplied hashish in various forms to primarily to the European market. Eastern Canada was also a place where hashish was the more common form of cannabis. I believe in the French. In the Netherlands, they were, of course, started arresting young people for possession of marijuana. And the Netherlands was a small, very civilized country. It didn’t take them long to realize they didn’t like arresting their kids. Fortunately, that idea never got to the United States.

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Marijuana In The Movies: Judy Garland, Before the Wizard, Sang About a Famous “Cockroach”

Hollywood in the 1930s was a boomtown in the middle of the global Great Depression and dreams of fame drew talent from all over the world. The new media of the day, the radio and “the Talkies”, especially musicals, made unknown talent into world famous “stars.” One of them was Francis Gumm, who was the youngest of three sisters, whose singing talent got the attention of Louis B. Mayer, (MGM).

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Why Should I Start Taking CBD – Richard Cowan Shares His Story with CBD

I first started taking CBD a few years ago, when I really first found out about it. We got involved with a company selling CBD. I have a financial interest in the CBD industry, just to declare that, but I haven’t really had any serious medical problems, I’ve been very fortunate in that regard. There wasn’t any occasion for me to use it as a form of treatment for something or other in that regard. I have found it helpful in terms of sleeping though. I don’t have any aches or pains, so I can’t stress it in terms of pain relief.

The fact is that I have observed some benefit from it, but since I don’t have any serious medical problems, I can’t say that really made a big difference in my life in the longer term aspect of things as I get older. On the other hand, I’ve known people for whom this was a really significant addition to their health care and lifestyle.

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RIP Lester Grinspoon: The Forbidden Cannabis Professor

My old friend, Lester Grinspoon, died on June 24, his 92nd birthday, but I have waited over a week to write about it, because I wanted to see if either the New York Times or the Washington Post would print his obituary.  

Finally, on July 2nd, the Times finally did it

The Post still had not followed suit, but it did print an obituary for a famous pastry chef, who popularized creme brûlée, and that did make it easier to get blow torches for dabbing.

I first met Lester at the first NORML conference in 1973, two years after the publication of his book Marihuana Reconsidered

He had decided that he would not smoke marijuana until after the smoke had cleared — to use an appropriate pun. And at that conference, the smoke definitely had not cleared. 

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The Prohibitionist Deep State: Trump’s New Chief of Staff Even Opposed CBD for Desperately Sick Children And Medical Marijuana for Disabled Vets

When a politician or bureaucrat opposes something supported by over 90% of the American people, we are entitled to ask whom they really represent. The case in point is medical marijuana and the therapeutic use of other cannabinoids, specifically CBD.

Polls consistently show that almost all Americans favor legalizing medical marijuana and almost no one opposes allowing the use of CBD, which is not psychoactive. However, Mark Meadows, who represented North Carolina’s 11th District until he resigned on March 30, to become President Trump’s fourth Chief of Staff has consistently opposed any easing of Federal marijuana laws.

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Pre-Rolled CBD Joints and the History of “No Medicine is Smoked”

The history “No medicine is smoked” in the 1990s. The U.S. drug czar, General Barry McCaffrey, became the drug czar… People really talk about from medical marijuana. Which was becoming a real problem for the establishment. The drug czar, his office has a big budget. I think around a million bucks, which they put into an authorized study on medical marijuana. To make a very long story short year or so later, they came out with a report, you know, basically the drugs czar’s report on medical marijuana. Yeah, when you’re Barry McCaffrey the drug czar.

It was the attempt by honest scientists to work for profoundly dishonest propaganda or for the drug czar. But they came out and basically said that cannabis is no more dangerous than the other drug in regards of the risk of cannabis, because I mean, virtually every aspirin cause stomach bleeding, etc.. So you have got all kinds of things. It’s accepted. They understand that drugs have risks.

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Mixing Alcohol & Cannabis (CBD/THC)

I have been asked to talk about mixing alcohol and cannabis, specifically CBD and on the advice of counsel. You know, I started really didn’t drink until I was 18 and then I started smoking weed when I was 27. So there was this horrible interval in my life, but I survived. And then I may get to 70 something and then find out I’m missing out on a major cannabinoid. As with everything else, I try to make up for lost time. Obviously, one drinks alcohol for the wonderful taste of the wine and minor side effects for the most part.

I really do appreciate the difference in the taste of cannabis in the sense that different tastes, or flavors. In Britain there’s the notorious skunk strain, which smells like a skunk. And having grown up in Texas, I’ll always settle for the real thing. You know, there’s weed that really smells sweet. And then, of course, if you’re particularly when you’re vaping, it’s a more subtle thing. So you really can get a more of a sense of taste. Of course, there is nothing more subjective than that, because some people like red wine, some people like white wine. I just like wine. Over the years, my taste in wine or in alcohol and cannabis have evolved, and I’ve evolved. First off, one of the things I discovered a very long time ago was that you have a really terrible hangover from having stayed up until really very late and having most of my favorite recreational drug (wine) know when you wake up the next morning and you’re thinking suicide is okay.

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