Don’t Mention The Drug War. We Must Decriminalize Being Black Because Black Freedom Matters

Chaos Theory” is the idea that very small events can have major consequences. It is often illustrated by what is called the “Butterfly Effect,” where the fluttering of tiny wings could set off a series of events leading to a major storm halfway around  the world. Of course, even though there are millions of butterflies, they don’t have cameras, so there is no way to monitor these events, but there are plenty of real world examples.

For instance, try to imagine that the cruel and incredibly stupid action of a policeman in a very liberal city would kill a suspect by keeping his knee on on the suspect’s throat until well after he was dead. And all of it was caught on a camera and immediately broadcast around the world. What could possibly go right?

But what if there had not been a camera? The victim’s family would still grieve. There might even have been some disciplinary action taken against the police. But if there is an injustice and it isn’t photographed, does it have any real world consequences?

In fact, even this death caught on camera would not have provoked a global reaction if there had not been literally countless examples of injustices burning in the collective consciousness of the African American community. This was not an “isolated event”, but rather all too familiar to all too many people w

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