Did Marijuana Prohibition Cost Trump The Election?

If you see a warm glow in the West, that is just me gloating over the results of the various state marijuana initiatives. They all won handily. Plus Oregon decriminalized possession of small quantities of almost everything. And several major publications actually mentioned the “Drug War.”  

A few months ago I speculated that Trump, having sold out to the prohibitionists like A. G. Bill Barr and Chief  of Staff Mark Meadows and his major donor Casino Mogul Sheldon Adelson, would lose votes, and might lose the election.  

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AND: The Prohibitionist Deep State: Trump’s New Chief of Staff Even Opposed CBD for Desperately Sick Children And Medical Marijuana for Disabled Vets 

In any close election, there will always be questions about what influenced the outcome. In past elections, the marijuana initiatives have generally earned more votes than the winning candidates, and that was true this year with one exception. 

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