Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador Announced Focus on Allowing Only Medical Cannabis

The other day, there was a little bit of a rumble in the media about some of the Democratic candidates who were asked if they knew the name of the president of Mexico. A couple did. A couple didn’t. 

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador was elected president, and had previously been very far to the left. He came in pledging to fight corruption and the dismissed are now weakened in every way. 

All of the ways that the instruments by which the federal government might fight corruption are greatly weakened. Law enforcement in Mexico, which is already weak enough, and now the Mexican Supreme Court has basically ruled that marijuana prohibition in Mexico is unconstitutional. So it really seemed obvious the Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador might then necessarily move to legalize marijuana. But he has now announced that all he is wants to do is medical and that the emphasis now has to be on fighting drugs and corruption. In other words, he’s going to keep the principal sources of income for the organized crime. Organizations that are now so powerful that, by the way when you have guacamole, you are actually depending on where you are, subsidizing organized crime in Mexico. 

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