Pre-Rolled CBD Joints and the History of “No Medicine is Smoked”

The history “No medicine is smoked” in the 1990s. The U.S. drug czar, General Barry McCaffrey, became the drug czar… People really talk about from medical marijuana. Which was becoming a real problem for the establishment. The drug czar, his office has a big budget. I think around a million bucks, which they put into an authorized study on medical marijuana. To make a very long story short year or so later, they came out with a report, you know, basically the drugs czar’s report on medical marijuana. Yeah, when you’re Barry McCaffrey the drug czar.

It was the attempt by honest scientists to work for profoundly dishonest propaganda or for the drug czar. But they came out and basically said that cannabis is no more dangerous than the other drug in regards of the risk of cannabis, because I mean, virtually every aspirin cause stomach bleeding, etc.. So you have got all kinds of things. It’s accepted. They understand that drugs have risks.

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