Why Is Marijuana Legalization Not Covered in Mainstream Media?

One of the things I have said so often in speeches and written about is that the best two word explanation for marijuana prohibition is bad journalism. You’ll hear that again, and again.

There are so many examples of that. Don’t get me started.

I remember, for example, when I was at NORML, there was a really terrible article in The Washington Times which tends to specialize in articles about marijuana in particular. So I called up the reporter and said, “Could I send you some material that contradicts the party line?” She said, “Oh, I’d love to see it, but that, you know, there’s really no point in it. I was just given this assignment. I probably will be writing about it again.” But what I had to do was to call the drug czars office and get them to say something. And that was journalism dealing with marijuana, as you just call it, drugs out of the office and get him to say something. You know, it doesn’t matter whether it’s true or not. And this went on for decades.

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