When Are We Going to Start Arguing About Who Lost Mexico?

Richard Cowan is a former NORML National Director and author of CBD Wax and It’s Benefits.

There is a major debate about the loss of Afghanistan, but for the most part it has followed the Prime Directive: “Don’t Mention the Drug War!”

Nonetheless, it seems relevant that Afghanistan is still the world’s largest opium poppy producer.

According to Reuters, “Despite the threats posed by Afghanistan’s illicit drug business, experts noted, the United States and other nations rarely mention in public the need to address the trade – estimated by the UNODC at more than 80% of global opium and heroin supplies.”

So, we controlled the country? And our Drug War was subsidizing the Taliban?

And now we are rightly agonizing about leaving the very roughly 31 million Afghans at the mercy of ruthless thugs, who are literally halfway around the world. Meanwhile, last year The Washington Post reported “Violent Criminal Groups Are Eroding Mexico’s Authority And Claiming More Territory.”

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