The United Nations serves a number of useful roles, but it is always important to remember that its founding members included Stalin’s Soviet Union, succeeded by Putin’s Russia, which, along with Communist China, holds a permanent seat on it’s “Security Council”. In fact, the UN members include virtually all of the world’s nastiest dictatorships and kleptocracies.

I bring up these unpleasant facts for context because this moral sewer is now telling us that the free countries of the world should ban cannabis advertising. 

Well, they have “evolved”. It still opposes medical cannabis, but right now they are just desperately trying to ban retail advertising. And it still has its American supporters.

See “UN World Drug Report Calls for Global Ban on Marijuana Advertising & THC Potency Caps”.

See “Prohibitionist Propaganda Organization Cons African American Clergy To Keep Marijuana In The Same Market With Crack And Heroin”.

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