Article written by Richard Cowan, former NORML National Director and author of Tips For Choosing The Right CBD Salve.

I crossed paths with Nahas in 1973 in the Texas Senate where he was testifying against changing the Texas marijuana laws which allowed life in prison for simple possession of any amount. (There were over 800 in prison and 30 doing life for less than an ounce.)

He was distributing copies of his first book about the alleged dangers of cannabis, “Marihuana: Deceptive Weed.” He would eventually publish nine more. 

I was there to lobby in favor of legalizing marijuana. but we did get possession of an ounce reduced to a Class B misdemeanor, and eight hundred prisoners were released. 

His next book, with the catchy title, Keep Off the Grass, was published in 1985 and claimed that every marijuana user was a “pusher” of marijuana. 

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